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Music Area in a Live House Hotel

by Scony Su
Music Area in a Live House Hotel
Music Area is a professional high-end musical instrument cases and bags brand of Dongguan Ruby Industry Co., Ltd. The company has many years of experience of being authorized OEM factory for world-renowned brands. From design to material selection, Music Area has been the definition of perfection.
Only a few years have passed since the establishment of the brand Music Area, it has already become deeply embraced by worldwide musicians. In November 2017, the Han 30 series of Music Area has made a surprising appearance in Dapeng's new film "City of Rock". 
The good news brought to everyone today is since December 2017, Music Area gig bags will be on long-term exhibition in China Guangzhou Tunan Hotel and its affiliation Tule Live Music Theater. The goal is to make every guest and performing musician at the hotel to appreciate the beauty and professionalism of Music Area products. From now on, Music Area will host more exhibitions in music bars, theaters and hotels all over the world.


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