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Music China 2017

by Scony Su
Music China 2017

This is the second year since Music Area started the brand in the world, there are many artists using Music Area Gig Bags in many countries, such as China, USA, Brazil, UK and more. They believe that Music Area is the best option to protect their instruments. 
Music Area AA31 was found used in a new released Chinese Movie <City of Rock> and we did not even know that until friends noticed and told us.  We are very happy to have all of your praises and positive words, we will work hard to make more beautiful and powerful gig bags. 
Durning the Music China 2017, Music Area made a log of new friends that includes users, artists and customers too. We released new “ Dragon” series which is loved by everyone, some customers even placed orders at the show.
Thanks to all who love Music Area.
See you next year



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